Portable Air Conditioner Test - The market's best models in 2022

We examined the best durable portable air conditioners!

Are you struggling to cool down your bedroom or home on the hottest days of summer? Then you’re not alone. Sunny summer days and tropical nights are not exactly something common in most of the northern hemisphere, but when hot summer days are at their worst, it can affect your night's sleep.

The solution? An air conditioner! These are available in countless sizes and price ranges. The ones we’ve focused on are the smaller, cheaper models, known as portable air conditioners.

The selected models were thoroughly evaluated on the following: design, size and weight, the ability to cool the room down, sound level, ease of use, and price.

After many hours of testing, we finally had a favourite. Read on to see the best air conditioner in 2022!

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Product Name
Best Features
Basein Cool V2
Basein Cool V2
99$ 134 $


Eeese Alba Air Care
PRICE: 386$
Eeese Nora
PRICE: 471$

#1 RATED 2022 Portable Air Conditioner

Basein Cool V2
Basein Cool V2
99$ 134$



We rate this product a 5/5 as it makes sure to provide the best performance with minimal effort and superior ease.


"Basein Cool V2" 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Comes with free shipping and easy return.


Very simple setup. Comes with step-by-step instructions

Our clear favorite is the Basein Cool V2 - here you see why

Thousands of customers have mentioned the Basein Cool V2 in various reviews, with the majority even rating the air conditioner at five stars.

At first, we thought it might have something to do with the relatively low price, but our testing quickly showed that this isn’t the only good thing about this air conditioner.

It scored high on all our test criteria and that’s not the only thing. Its manufacturer is also impressive to the same degree. Basein, ie the company that has developed and sells the air conditioning system, fulfills expectations in terms of customer service and delivery time.

Only days after ordering, we received the package in the mail. With it, we also received a 30-day money-back guarantee. By the way, this is something you get with every purchase from Basein, but in any case, it testifies to a company that only wants the best for its customers. Perhaps it’s no wonder that the Norwegian online store has established a gigantic customer base after only a few years on the market.

Basein Cool V2 - test results

As we mentioned above, the air conditioner was delivered only days after ordering. In other words, the delivery time was significantly faster than what we experienced with the other suppliers we were reviewing.

That was a big plus right at the start. Even before testing began, this gave Basein a slight advantage over its competitors, but we were adamant that this would have no bearing on our end result.

So what was it that really made the Basein Cool V2 so much better than the other models? You get the answer below:

Refreshing air conditioning with efficient cooling

First and foremost, the Basein V2 is extremely efficient in cooling down rooms – and that’s almost regardless of size.

It certainly won’t cover a room much larger than 20 square meters, but for any rooms smaller than this, i.e. the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom for that matter, it cooled them down without any problem.

Best of all, however, is the refreshing feel of the air it produces. Since you can refill it with water, it sprays out a pleasant breeze that is very refreshing.

In other words, we experienced the Basein V2 as a very useful device that perfectly did what it was supposed to, namely produce cool air. Another thing worth noting is that the fan, i.e. the moving part of the machine, can be adjusted with four fan speeds.

This means that you can easily adjust the fan as needed for more precise control of the appliance.

Quiet – perfect for your bedroom or office

So now let’s look at what we experienced as the second most important aspect of this test – namely sound level. How much noise does it make? Is it possible to let it run while you sleep or work?

Here we were almost shocked at just how little sound it made. We found it was powerful and efficient at producing cold air, but with almost no noise at all.

Thus, we didn’t feel that the Basein V2 disturbed us either when we sat and worked or when we tried to sleep at night. That’s right, we even tested the air conditioner in the bedroom, and it worked just fine. It didn’t make any noise, while at the same time providing a comfortable temperature in the room.

Practical and portable

Another thing we liked about this model, and which also gave the Basin V2 an advantage, is how practical it is. It has a small, portable size with a handle on top that makes it easy to carry.

This allows you to take the fan everywhere, whether in the office or if you just need to move the fan around your home.

In addition, it has a timer function and a light so that it can function as a lamp. Its ease of use also gave us nothing to complain about.

It was easy to install, and also has easy-to-read buttons and functions. Here there is zero risk of having any issues.

Why buy the Basein Cool V2?

In summary, there’s a lot that’s good about this air conditioner. All in all, it’s a little better in just about everything compared to the other models and therefore it was the winner in our test.

On the whole, it’s extremely good, and our opinion is that it’s excellent value for money. Rarely have we encountered such a small but at the same time so powerful an air conditioner.

When the quality, in addition to the price, is also good, we think it’s simply an obvious choice if you need an air conditioner.

Popular with customers

By the way, we’re not the only ones who’ve been thrilled by the Basein V2. Customers, at least those who’ve evaluated the air conditioner, are also satisfied with it.

As mentioned, it has several top rankings and there are several who write that it has “saved” them on hot summer nights.

We don’t doubt it for a second as we’ve also noticed the invaluable effect of the Basein Cool V2.

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Perfect. Talk about a lifesaver. My bedroom used to boil over in the summer, but not after I bought this unit.



Easy to use, works well, and not too bad a price either. I’m pleased.



It makes little noise, but it’s not completely silent. Still happy as it manages to cool down the air around me.



Good price and good machine. Recommended by me.

Where can I buy the Basein Cool V2?

If you have decided to buy our test's best air conditioner, you just need to follow the instructions below:

1) Visit the official website

2) Add the product to the shopping cart

3) Fill in the shipping info and choose the payment method

4) Click on buy!


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