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We examined the best durable kitchen knives

Whether you’re a master chef or you simply want to be, having the best kitchen knife is imperative to preparing great-tasting meals in your kitchen. However, there are tons of kitchen knives on the market. How do you choose? Our team went ahead and did this homework for you. Here’s what we found:

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Product Name
Best Features
Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife
799,- NOK 1.079 NOK


Sunnecko Damascus Chef Knife
PRIS: 988,- NOK
enowo Chef Knife
PRIS: 499,- NOK

BEST IN TEST Baby Monitor

Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife
Pris: 799 NOK 1.079 NOK



We rate this product a 5/5 as it makes sure to provide the best performance with minimal effort and superior ease regardless of the food you are cutting


"X" 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Comes with free shipping and easy return.


Very simple setup. Comes with step-by-step instructions

Out of All the Knives on the Market, Nothing Matched the Strength and Durability of the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife

With more than 1,200 happy customers, we wanted to see what all the rage was about with the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife. So, we ordered it off their website and put it to the test (literally). Here’s what we found:

The Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife is By Far the Sharpest Knife on the Market

We put the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife to the test and had it cut different vegetables, textures, and types of meat — all of which were cut with superior ease and minimal effort. Unlike a lot of other kitchen knives we tried, our hands didn’t get tired or injured by using the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife. The handle was designed for optimal grip, so we weren’t forced to apply a lot of pressure just to cut through a hunk of meat.

Our Unique Findings

There were many things we loved about using the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife. For example, we loved the extra layer of detail the manufacturers added to the shaft of the knife. In fact, each knife is intrinsically designed with a unique design making every knife they sell a work of art that only you possess. Since we love cooking, this was a nice little touch to add something special to our meal prep.

Here’s what else we found out about the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife: 

The razor-sharp blade was due to the use of Damascus steel:

One of the most notable features about the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife was the fact that the blade was made from Damascus steel, which is known for having a keen edge while also maintaining its flexibility. It’s this design that allowed us to cut through different food items and textures so easily. 

We felt safe using it:

Unless you’re a pro in the kitchen, not everyone is comfortable using a knife. Even if you are a pro, accidents can still happen. However, with the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife, we didn’t have as much trepidation as other kitchen knives on the market. This was due to the craftsmanship, which has all knives shaped by hand. 

It’s recommended by the professionals:

Another thing we loved about the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife is the fact that it comes recommended by some of the biggest names in the culinary industry. These are experts in their craft, so using something they recommend for their meals gave it a boost of credibility you don’t always get from other knife brands on the market. 

It lasted a lot longer than our other knives:

There was definitely a difference in quality when it came to using the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife. Other knives bent and broke when cutting through thick slices and challenging textures, but the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife didn’t falter. Even with regular use, it’s still sharper and more durable than other knives.

After using the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife, we quickly learned why these reviews were as positive as they were. In terms of both quality and customer service, the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife outranked the competition in the following areas:

Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike other companies that force you to take a risk when you buy something, Sava Gruppen AS (the company that sells the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife) offered a money-back guarantee if we weren’t satisfied. Knowing we could return it if we didn’t love it made us more comfortable to purchase it.

24/7 Customer Service Support

If we had questions about ordering or our delivery status, we were able to contact their 24/7 customer support line. They offered various methods of communication such as phone, email, and chat and they returned our queries within a few short hours.

It Was Easy to Use

The comfort grip made it easier and safer for us to cut our ingredients. Plus, it was gentle on our hands so it made cutting ingredients such as onions, green peppers, and potatoes a lot easier since we had to cut them longer than other food products.

We Were Able to (Affordably) Buy Multiples

The more we bought, the more we saved. Even though this knife was extremely durable, you should never have just one knife in your kitchen to rely on. As such, we were able to purchase three for the price of two, saving 51%. Discounts can go up to 55% depending on how much you buy, so whether you want them for yourself or to hand out for Christmas presents, the ability to bundle and save was very enjoyable!

It’s no wonder why the pros recommend the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife, nor is it surprising that over 1,200 customers have continually raved about it online. Here are just a few of their glowing reviews:

Daniel A:


Good knife. Good and thick steel, which fits well in the hand. It is very sharp and nice.

M. R:


Very Satisfied!

Ole N:


Suzanne U:


Recommended by a friend and I have to say I’m impressed! A good baby monitor at a good price.

Where Can You Buy the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife

  1. You can easily purchase the Gyo 3 Chef’s Knife on their website.
  2. Checking out is easy. Just select your package of how many knives you want, enter your credit card information, and check out.
  3. You will receive tracking info at no additional cost.


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