Top 3 heart rate monitors that sit perfectly on your hand and effectively measure your activity level

We have tested and evaluated the best selling heart rate monitors in 2022

Do you want a better overview of your activity level? Maybe a heart rate monitor is exactly what you need. Today’s smart watches measure steps, heart rate, calories burned, and distance.

For many, a good heart rate monitor can lead to better lifestyle choices. Not only does it give you better control over your own training level but it can also act as a motivation for you to get up and take the first step. 

As the popularity of activity trackers has increased, the options on the market are endless, which means it is imperative to find the right model for your needs. That is exactly why we chose to test the market’s best-sellers to find the very best. 

Due to our strict criteria and high requirements, it was surprising that none of the well-known brands made it to the top of the list, but rather a Norwegian start-up. In this article, you’ll find a quick summary of the best in the market followed by a thorough review of our favorite!

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Product Name
Best Features
Seca M6
Seca M6
83,- £ 112 £


Garmin Fenix 6 Pro
PRICE: 589,- £
Garmin Forerunner 245
PRICE: 185,- £

BEST IN TEST Heart Rate Monitor

Seca M6
Seca M6
83,- £ 112 £



We rate this product a 5/5 as it provides the best performance with minimal effort and is easy to use.


"Seca M6" a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Comes with free shipping and easy return.


Very simple setup. Comes with step-by-step instructions

We tested and evaluated the market’s best-selling heart monitors in 2022. Here is why the Seca M6 is the best in the market

With over 4000 top reviews from verified users and positive reviews from experts, we received the Seca M6 just days after ordering. Does it really live up to the high expectations? 

The company behind the heart monitor is a Norwegian start-up company that has grown tremendously. Not only are they popular in Norway but also around Europe and beyond. It is highly popular because of its fast delivery time, excellent customer service and, of course, quality products. 

The package came with the inscription “A Partner to Monitor Your Health.” The package included a watch and a charger with a descriptive manual that thoroughly explained how the product works.

Now that we received the package, we started testing!

Test result:

We followed the instructions in the manual and started by charging the watch. The Seca M6 claims to have a shorter charging time and a long battery life that lasts a full 10 days!

Long battery life and fast charging 

If there is one specific aspect that excites existing customers, it’s the battery life. We too were impressed with how long the watch lasted without charging – talk about expectations meeting reality! 

Even after a week, the watch was still going even though we didn’t charge it again. We used it continuously throughout the week. Thus, the watch’s battery life was rated 5/5. 

Accurate measurement of heart rate, calories and steps 

A heart rate monitor should be able to accurately measure your heart rate and the Seca M6 managed to do that perfectly. By scrolling through the screen we could see at any point in time what our current heart rate was. The watch also managed to automatically record the number of steps and calories burned. So here too the Seca performed as expected.    

Accurate sleep tracking 

We were excited about the sleep tracking feature to see whether it would be able to detect sleep let alone measure the quality of sleep. Here, too, the Seca M6 delivered as promised. Both in terms of the hours of sleep and the quality of sleep through a comprehensive sleep report, the Seca M6 detected all the different stages of sleep throughout the night.

Easily to use and durable 

We also found that the Seca M6 was extremely functional as a monitor and includes a number of different training programs. We were curious about how easy or difficult it was to access these features.

We quickly noticed that navigation through the features wasn’t a problem because of the touch display. 

Additionally, we were able to assess that the watch was wear-resistant. It was small yet robust and it can withstand water. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to test it under water other than in the shower and when while washing our hands. However, it worked perfectly despite the exposure to water.

Why should you buy the Seca M6? 

In addition to the aforementioned impressive features, we also enjoyed the features below:

The Perfect "Training Partner"

The Seca M6 simply became our training partner. Never before have we been excited to train like when we were wearing the Seca M6, which motivated us to train and lead a healthier life. 

By always having the option to check your burned calories and steps it was almost a competition to try to get more steps in than the day before and burn more calories. 

Another impressive feature was the exercise programs. For more accurate measurement we could choose the type of activity, thus receiving a more accurate result which was a huge plus! 

We also found it easier to adapt the training program to our own level. It doesn't matter which training level you are at. The Seca M6 suits everyone.

Value for money

The price of today’s watches varies from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds, and often the price, quality, and functionality are closely linked. 

Compared to the top models of Garmin and Fitbit, the Seca M6 is significantly more affordable, so we suspected a significant difference in functionality or quality – but that wasn’t the case. 

The Seca M6 doesn’t lag behind the most expensive models. It doesn't have the most advanced training programs and functions you’d find in professional training watches but when it comes to “value for money”, we believe that there are very few models that combine price, quality, and functionality better than the Seca M6.

Design and Comfort

The Seca M6 is designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind. Not only is the watch itself light, small, and smartly designed but also the strap is very comfortable on the arm. The smart strap made the Seca M6 sit on the hand even during high activity. 

During the test period, we played football, cycled, and ran without really thinking that we had a watch on our arm. 

We also concluded that the Seca M6 can also be worn for everyday use, not just for training, because of its simple yet sleek design. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of colors to match your style.

Purchase and delivery

Something that often creates frustration is slow delivery, and/or products that are delivered on time but do not work. 

We didn’t experience any problems with the order, and reportedly all Seca M6 customers are the same. It was very easy to order the product through the website. In only three days, the smart watch was in our mailbox without any defects. 

Another thing worth noting was the free return offer and 100% satisfaction guarantee that came with the product. Also, there was a discount applied automatically for a limited time on the item.

Customer Favorite

As mentioned above, the Seca M6 scored high on various reviews. Customers shared their reviews on the official website and on review sites like TrustPilot. Here’s some of the feedback on the Seca M6.



I simply love this smart watch. Delivery was fast and the watch was high quality! After a quick charge, I could use the watch for several days in a row to count steps and measure the calories I burned.



Finally, a smart watch that fits well on my arm. I have struggled to find a watch that fits my wrist because I have long and thin arms. I have always found other watches large and bulky. Thank you guys, I’m very happy with this product.



Bought Seca as a gift for my roommate and she is extremely happy! The delivery process was also fast and painless. It’s a 5/5 from me!

Where can I find the Seca M6?

To buy the Seca M6 follow the following steps:

1) Go to the official website

2) Choose a colour and add it to the shopping cart

3) Fill in your delivery address and payment details

4) Enjoy your Seca M6 and start enjoying measuring your own activity levels!


Today, September 30, you can still buy Seca M6 with a 50% DISCOUNT!

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