Top 3 Hunting Cameras that give you value for money in 2022

We examined the best durable professional cameras

With a professional camera, you can experience nature up close at a distance. The camera is great for hunting, research, wildlife photography, or garden surveillance. 

You can capture fascinating creatures and catch a glimpse of shy animals such as badgers, foxes, and hedgehogs. Today, there are dozens of options for cameras but which one is the best one? 

To answer this pressing question, we chose to test the most popular models in 2022. Surprisingly, none of the cameras of the largest technology companies were placed at the top of the list. However, the winner was a Norwegian start-up company. 

Continue reading if you’d like to see the top cameras that give you the most for your money, and why the Movo HC-802A is the best tested in the market.

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Product Name
Best Features
Movo HC-802A
Movo HC-802A
189 CAD 255 CAD


Brecom CM 2400
Hawke Viltkamera

BEST IN TEST Professional Camera

Movo HC-802A
Movo HC-802A
189 CAD 255 CAD



We rate this product a 5/5 as it makes sure to provide the best performance with minimal effort and superior ease.


"Movo HC-802A" 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Comes with free shipping and easy return.


Very simple setup. Comes with step-by-step instructions

We have tried and test the market’s most popular cameras, here is why the Movo Hc-802A is the best out there

With several hundred 5-star reviews and recommendations from over 800 UK customers, we had great expectations for this camera in advance. Our expectations were met from the moment we received the package fast after ordering. 

The company behind the the Movo camera is a popular Norwegian start-up company that expanded around Europe in record time. Their focus is to provide innovative products, great customer service and lightning fast delivery which made the company gain some popularity in the market. 

The company’s focus on customer service was something we noticed immediately. We received the package only 3 days after ordering and we got received a note that specified that we had a 30-day return. It was a testimony that the company wants the best for its customers.

Movo HC-802A Test Result

We were impressed early on with the Movo camera on how it met our very high expectations. We got to testing right away with great excitement. Here are our test results:

Infrared camera with top quality 

The image quality is, of course, the most important aspect of any camera. How did the Movo perform when it comes to image quality in comparison to other models? The infrared delivered equally great quality during the day and at night. It also had a wide viewing angle, delivering perfect quality images. 

In contrast to other models we’ve tested, the Movo HC-802A is ahead of the other players in the market. The other brands are not necessarily ‘bad’ but they still have a long way to go when it comes to depth optimization and clarity. 

Sensitive sensors that detect movement immediately 

Another thing we noticed with the Movo camera that gives it an advantage over other models is the sensitive sensors that immediately detect movement.

In other words, the camera was turned on automatically as soon as it detected movement when wildlife was within the range of the sensor. The range was significant due to the wide angle and since the camera consists of invisible flash technology, it does not scare away the animals that are in close proximity to the camera. 

User-friendly and durable 

A camera should be used in nature and therefore durability is key. We tested different models for a period of two weeks. None of the models suffered significant damage from the rain or severe weather conditions. 

We were able to conclude that all cameras in our test, including the Movo HC-820A are durable. 

When it comes to usability we experienced noticeable differences between the models. Several models were difficult to operate, yet Movo was simple and seamless. It is made with shortcuts that made it seamless to manage photos and videos both on the camera itself and in the app. 

Long battery life 

Another thing we liked about Movo in comparison to other models was its long battery life. It was very easy to charge with a simple USB cable that came with it.

Why buy Movo HC-802A?

In addition to all of the aforementioned points, we were also very impressed with the following:

Fast delivery and great customer service

Ordering a Movo camera was a very easy and concise process through the company’s website. When we received the package, it was well protected and it had not sustained any damage. Delivery was impressively fast. In only 3 days, our package was at our doorstep which is significantly faster than a regular delivery process. 

We went into this testing knowing that online ordering is a hit or miss. Slow delivery, damaged packages and lousy customer support are some of the problems we faced as we ordered online from other websites for the purpose of this test. 

But with Movo, we did not experience any problems with the delivery. Customer service was great and our questions were answered almost immediately.

Value for money

Toppmoderne kameraer er som regel svært kostbare. Movo viltkamera har en gunstig pris, spesielt sammenlignet med andre modeller, og sett i forhold til hvor bra det presterer.

State-of-art or advanced cameras are usually very expensive. However, Movo’s camera is fairly priced compared to other models and compared to its performance. 

There is no doubt that Movo is the camera that gives you the most benefits for your money. It was the obvious choice as the test winner in 2022. 

You can buy it now at a discounted price from the official website.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can easily return it and request a refund. However, we are sure that this will not be necessary given the great experience we had when were testing the product. The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee so within 30 days you can get your money back if you ended up not liking the product.





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Where can I buy the Movo HC-802A?

Buying the Movo HC-802A camera is an easy process. Just follow these steps:

1) Go to the official website

2) Add the product to your cart

3) Enter your shipping address and payment details

4) Enjoy capturing amazing pictures of the wildlife!


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