Top 3 Wifi boosters that easily cover dead zones

We examined the best Wifi boosters

If your internet is slow at home, you can easily solve this problem with a wifi booster – but with many options on the market, which one should you choose?

We have tested 3 of the most popular wifi boosters on the market to find out which one is the best. 

We have high standards when it comes to speed, range, user friendliness, and price. Based on our criteria, there was one that had it all and excelled over the other two. 

You’ll find here a quick summary of the market's top 3 boosters in 2022 and a detailed review of the test winner

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Product Name
Best Features
Evaktor Wifi extender
67,- £ 91 £


TP-link RE450
PRICE: 68,- £
TP-link RE305
PRICE: 45.5,- £

BEST IN TEST Wifi Booster

Evaktor Wifi extender
67,- £ 91 £



We rate this product a 5/5 as it makes sure to provide the best performance with minimal effort and superior ease.


"Evaktor" 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Comes with free shipping and easy return.


Very simple setup. Comes with step-by-step instructions

We’ve tested countless wifi boosters and here’s why Evaktor is the best

Based on several hundred recommendations and thousands of customer reviews, we had high expectations when we received the Evaktor wifi booster only 3 days after ordering it.

For those who haven’t heard of Evaktor, it is a Norwegian startup that has become very popular in Norway and around Europe. Their success doesn’t only come from their great quality products but also from the fast delivery and amazing customer service. 

What we immediately noticed was a small note on the package for live support if we experienced any problems with installation.

It was a nice gesture and not common with other tech companies that provide the same or similar products. Now that the package is here, it was time to try out the product.

Evaktor wifi extender – Test results

The package included a manual that described how to install the Evaktor wifi booster. The manual was very understandable and the steps were already so easy. 

The configuration with the router was automatic and took only 3 minutes. It was now time to see if the product is really worth the hype or not.

Full range, no wifi dead zones 

The first thing we had to test was the previous wifi dead zones. The ground floor of our office had very slow internet where opening the simplest link didn’t work. 

After installing Evaktor, we experienced significant improvement of the internet. The network worked quickly and all previous wifi dead zones became connected. 

Not only that but also outside the office, we had better internet coverage after installing Evaktor, a range that we never experienced before trying this product. 

Surf, stream, for Facetime without «buffering»

What we considered the biggest internet swallowers were streaming movies and series, online gaming, and video meetings. We previously had problems with lagging, chopping, interruptions, and very slow download time, after Evaktor, we suddenly had great internet where we could do all of these things using the internet without any lagging. 

It didn’t matter anymore what we did online. Whether it's streaming, surfing, downloading, or video meetings, now the internet can handle all of this and more 

Lightening-fast network regardless of the number of devices connected to it 

Normally, when you have more devices connected to the same network, you should expect a slower connection. How did our network respond when we had up to 10 devices connected at the same time with Evaktor? It worked perfectly, it felt like a dream that we won’t have to go through this hassle again after Evaktor.

Why buy Evaktor?

Our test showed that Evaktor worked at a speed of up to 300 mbps even when the room was heavily covered in concrete. It wasn’t only the grid speed and range that we were impressed by but also here are other reasons why Evaktor was the best choice for us;

Fast delivery and excellent customer service

Ordering products online can be a hit or miss. Sometimes the products arrive in a very bad condition and other times they take forever to arrive. This wasn’t our experience at all with Evaktor. The product came only 3 days after ordering it and we were impressed with its quality. 

The order was easy to place. The company offers live support and great options to contact them whether it's through email or over the phone.

Value for money

Today’s wifi boosters are offered in w great range of prices. It isn’t a guarantee that the more expensive the better. Some models aren’t worth your money at all. With its fair price, great quality, and excellent speed and rage, Evaktor is worth every penny. 

We have not yet tested other models that have the perfect combination of price, speed, and range; therefore, Evaktor provides the most value for money. 

You can buy it now at a discounted price from our website!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The company offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are, for any reason, unhappy with the product, you can return it and get a refund.

Practical design

Even though the design isn't the most important criterion when it comes to this product, it is worth mentioning that the product is made with practical and discreet elements that make it easy to store or hide. No more ugly products that destroy your home or office decor. 

The device itself is the size of a tennis back which makes it almost «invisible» when its plugged into the electrical socket.

Popular Best seller

We are not the only ones who love the Evaktor wifi booster, customers love the product so much that you’ll always see their reviews on the website and on review websites as well. Here are some of what the customers said about Evaktor:



I simply love this extender. The delivery was fast and it was obvious that the product is made of great quality materials. After the quick installation, I experienced a noticeable difference. All of my devices now work much faster on wifi without the risk of hacking.



I’ve tried many wifi boosters from well-known brands before but none of them were able to provide wifi in the garden, and they were very expensive. I decided to try UltraXTend and now I have great internet in the whole garden – ZERO PROBLEMS – thanks!



This is the best wifi booster I've tried. We’ve always had trouble watching Netflix and other streaming services downstairs, but now we can stream anything we want. It works perfectly. I am very happy with this purchase.

Where can I buy the Evaktor wifi booster?

You can easily order Evaktor through the official website by following these simple steps:

1) Visit the official website

2) Select the quantity of devices you’d like to buy

3) Fill in your shipping details and payment method

4) Say goodbye to slow and unstable internet!


Today September 30 you can still buy Evaktor with 50% DISCOUNT!

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